UltraMac is a professional plastic tube thickness measuring equipment supplier in China. This kind of product is mainly suitable for measuring gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe and medical catheter. It is used for the uninterrupted online real-time measuring and monitoring of the change of the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of plastic pipes. Therefore, the quality risks can be completely eliminated in production process.

The ultrasonic plastic tube thickness gauge is suitable for the production line of PE, PP, PVC and other plastic pipes. (Like gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit, medical catheter)

1. This kind of plastic tube thickness measuring equipment can completely eradicate the quality risk of product.

2. It can shorten the start-up time and reduce the rejection rate of products.

3. Completely recording and filing function of production data and automatically generate the statistical report of product quality.

4. Our equipment adopts the patent technology of automatic capture and America high precision probe so as to make the measuring data more stable and accurate.

5. The plastic tube thickness measuring equipment can record and monitor the whole production line with the function of automatic identification that can make users easily know the potential quality problems and find out the unqualified pipes in warehouse according to serial numbers.

6. This device covers the whole production line that makes users easily to know the start up time, downtime and the quality problems.

7. For many years effort, UltraMac plastic tube thickness measuring equipment solved the problem of needing the purified water to measure. More over, the probe of our equipment with the structure of automatic purge can make the measurement more accurate.

Probe: ULTRAMAC 800-4T

Measurement range of external diameter: 315-800mm