The 9th Iran Plast International Exhibition---WALTHMAC
The exhibition will be held on April 13-17, 2016 at Tehran Permanent International Fairground. Our booth will be at Booth 9 in Hall 40.
As one of the national high-tech corporations in China, WALTHMAC is committed to realizing production automation, improving quality, saving raw material and reducing dependence on labors.
ONLINE GRAVIMETRIC CONTROL SYSTEM---control meter weight The system is installed on an extruder to measure and calculate the weight per meter and extrusion output. It can also make automatic control to keep meter weight and extrusion output constant and make it running at set values.
ONLINE ULTRASONIC THICKNESS MEASURING SYSTEM FOR PLASTIC PIPE This system is used for continuously measuring and monitoring the change of thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of pipes to completely eliminate the risks of quality.
The precise rate of each component filled can be inspected and controlled according to the weighing and measuring principle. Self-adapting algorithm is adopted to make sure the feeding precision. This blender is used for online and offline processes with multi, proportional and high precise material mixing in plastic industry.
The continuous gravimetric blender is a dynamic feeding system which adopts the principle of weight-loss. It can achieve high precision of components, and its feeding speed can be adjusted automatically according to the real output of extruders. The application scope for raw material is enlarged; meanwhile, the metering function of meter weight can be added to control the constancy of meter weight product.