Gravimetric Continuous Blender

Application Field

Plastic films/cables/pipes/production of raw materials/plastics modification and other industries such as Chemicals.

Scope of Application

For the online processes with multi, proportional and high precise mixing of materials like pellet, powdery and liquid in plastic industry.

System Principle

The WCB series continuous gravimetric blender is a dynamic material-feeding system and adopts the weight –loss principle. On the premise of achieving the high precision of components,the feeding speed can be adjusted automatically according to the real output of extruders. The application scope for raw material is enlarged, meanwhile, the metering function of meter weight can be added to control the constancy of meter weight of products.

Function Features

1. Unique design. Besides metering mixture of solid materials, the blender is also applied to metering mixture between liquid materials and solid materials, and a larger proporationing range of materials is achieved by the adoption of screw feeding;
2. Higher response speed and Precision. All components are controlled by a servo system to provide excellent performance;
3. Higher Mixing Precision. Two mixing modes are provided.
4. Operating Friendly .The operating interface of touch screen and dynamic flow ration model make the operation more direct-viewing and convenient;
5. Materials automatically feeding;
6. Real time Formula Changing;
7. Multi-choice Function of meter weight on production line and extrusion output control;
8. Reduce the layering phenomena in the secondary conveying process after mixing.
9. System dosing precision: ±0.5%;
10. Blending precision error: <0.1%;
11. Low maintenance cost;
12. All core components in top quality.

Optional Model & Parameter

Note:/G of models means with the meter weight control function
On the premise of specific component quantity and measuring method of WalthMac, the actual output relate with raw material and component quantity.
Model Output Components Number Size
WCB-180CUp to 1801~4700*700*1020
WCB-300CUp to 3001~4850*850*1240
WCB-600CUp to 6001~4950*950*1560
WPB-1200CUp to 12001~41150*1050*1680