Gravimetric WBB-H Series Batch Blender

Online Material Blending Solution

Aiming at the requirements of online and offline automatic blending , we develop batch type and continuous type metering blending devices with standard model and special application model to meet different customers’ demands, Our products are suitable for online and offline metering blending and automatic mixing of materials at different states such as particle, powder and liquid .

WBB Series Gravimetric Batch Blender

Application Field

Plastic films/cables/pipes/production of raw materials/plastics modification and other industries such as chemicals.

Application Scope

For the online & offline processes with multi , proportional and high precise materials mixing in plastic industry .

System Function Features

● Made of stainless steel 316, Surface treatment: sand blasting
● Modular design, detachable structure, free-tool maintenance, easy operation
● Weighing and stirring are visible
● Applicable to the request of as much as 12 components, Maximum throughput: 2600KG/H.
● Precision: <0.1%(varied from material and components)
● Multi feeding modes, available for different applications and correct dosing proportion guaranteed
● Metler-Toledo and HBM load cell with high precision
● Resolution to weighing signal is as high as 4,000,000:1
● 10” true color of touch screen supplies with choice of multi-language and dynamic and colorful display
● Advanced self-adaptation control algorithm, error self-correcting to each single batch, dosing precision can be
   optimized even under vibration based on unique anti-vibrating structure and algorithm
● USB access and Ethernet port, support MODBUS-TCP, support remote data transmission and update
● Remote control function (option)
● Different passwords is available for different level of operator, function of alarm records, records save on dosing
   proportion is available with max. 100 groups upward
● Throughput statistics function
● International brand of energy-save motor
● Equipped with alertor to alarm operators disposing and records output is available
● Installations of both on-line by adaptor and off-line by platform are available

System Principle

According to the weighing and measuring principle , the precise rate of each component filled can be inspected and controlled. Self-adapting Algorithm is adopted to make sure the feeding precision.

Standard Optional Models and Parameters

Note:Screw side-feeder will be equipped only when batch weight is 2kgs above, throughput is reduced accordingly.
   Product updates are subject to change without prior notice.
Components Number Batch Weight Model Max output Size(mm) Consumption