Gravimetric Batch Blender

Online Material Blending Solution

Aiming at the requirements of online and offline automatic blending , we develop batch type and continuous type metering blending devices with standard model and special application model to meet different customers’ demands, Our products are suitable for online and offline metering blending and automatic mixing of materials at different states such as particle, powder and liquid .

WBB Series Gravimetric Batch Blender

Application Field

Plastic films/cables/pipes/production of raw materials/plastics modification and other industries such as chemicals.

Application Scope

For the online & offline processes with multi , proportional and high precise materials mixing in plastic industry .

System Function Features

1. The standard model can realize online automatic blending up to 8 components ,which reduces human error and labour cost.
2. Can be installed at the position of extruder material inlet . The material will enter into extruder directly without material stratification phenomenon of secondary conveying process;
3. By the anti-interference filtering algorithm, the blender can also achieve a high metering precision even it is installed on the equipment with high mechanical vibration amplitude and frequency;
4. Can still be used in places with strong electrostatic adhesion of material;
5. Self-adapting proportioning control: automatically correct the material charging error and the precision error is less than 0.1*;
6. Underlying hardware and software control, with more reliable operation
Note: precision calculation based on industry international calculation standard

System Principle

According to the weighing and measuring principle , the precise rate of each component filled can be inspected and controlled. Self-adapting Algorithm is adopted to make sure the feeding precision.

Standard Optional Models and Parameters

Note: The model and size may be changed without giving notice. On the premise of specific component quantity and measuring method of WalthMac, the actual output relate with raw material and component quantity.
Model Output Components Number Size
WBB-01Up to 1502,4,6,8660*520*840
WBB-02Up to 3802,4,6,8900*780*1290
WBB-04Up to 6602,4,6,8900*780*1290
WBB-08Up to 10202,4,6,81120*900*1480
WBB-12Up to16802,4,6,81280*1010*1960