WalthMac Advantages


As a professional manufacturer to research and produce all kinds of control and blending systems in plastic industry, we have a lot of experience in producing new generation of gravimetric control system, ultrasonic thickness measurement system, gravimetric batch blender, gravimetric continuous blender, weight-loss side feeder and powder feeding machine. WalthMac, who has first put forward the idea of product is a work of art, is mostly focus on the product quality in production. We offer the plastic processing service for the transformation and upgrading of plastics industry. In the processing of extrusion line, our measurement and control device is irreplaceable to ensure the stable of products and the continuous work of production line. Different gravimetric blending systems have different key points. According to the working principle we can divide the system into gravimetric blender and volumetric blender. Due to the material properties and the high accuracy requirement of material addition, gravimetric blenders are usually much more accurate than volumetric blenders, and in most of the time, the gravimetric blenders have replaced the volumetric blenders. Because the different processing technique and material properties, we should choose different gravimetric blending systems in the process of plastic processing.

Main Products

I.Gravimetric extrusion control system The Walthmac Gravimetric series online measurement and control system of weight per length is a system that based on the quality of weight. The weight per length of products is usually uncertain in traditional extrusion production process, thus it needs many times adjustments by experienced worker that will waste a lot of material and time in this process. Advantages 1. The weight per length data can be obtained soon after startup: make the "unknown" empirical production become "known" precise production, so as to make valid and visible production adjustment. 2. This kind of gravimetric extrusion control system can shorten startup time: the operator simply need to connect the product (like the pipe) and do the normal pulling, then the system could automatically adjust the weight per length of product to a qualified range, which will break away from the dependence on the experienced and skilled workers. 3. Monitor the entire process: the system monitor the weight per length of product in the whole production process, and collect the data of weight per length in real-time. If deviation was found, it will immediately adjust the extruder or the puller to reach the stable weight per length and make it running according to the preset value. 4. Our gravimetric extrusion control system with product deviation alarm: the prompt reminder of alarm information for the product quality risk that appears will effectively prevent product quality defects.

II. Ultrasonic thickness measurement system

The safety of the plastic pipes not only a problem worried by the tube producers and tube users, but also a direction we searched for. The online ultrasonic thickness measuring system of plastic pipe dispels the safety worry of plastic pipe. Our system realizes the whole process measurement and monitoring for plastic pipe. Thus completely eradicates the unqualified pipes. This kind of system is used for the uninterrupted online real-time measuring and monitoring of the change of the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe, medical catheter, etc. Therefore, the quality risks can be completely eliminated in production process. Advantages: 1. The ultrasonic thickness measurement system can eradicate the unqualified pipes and improve the product quality. 2. It can shorten the starting time and reduce the rejection ratio. 3. Perfect recording and filing function of production data. 4. Compared with traditional system, our ultrasonic thickness measurement system have more advantages on stable and precision measurement data because our system adopts the patented technology of automatic capture and its key parts are imported from America. 5. The ultrasonic thickness measurement system is used for monitoring and recording the production of plastic pipe in the whole production process with the ability of marking the unqualified pipe automatically. So you can know the production and quality situation without browsing the production records. If there are some potential quality hazards of pipes, the workers only need to find out the pipe number in warehouse without going to the production line to handle the unqualified pipes. 6. The statistics data of this system is covered the whole production process ,which can make the users easily know when the production line starting up, when stop and when appear the quality problems, etc. 7. For many years effort, UltraMac ultrasonic thickness measurement system solved the problem of needing the purified water to measure. More over, the probe of our equipment with the structure of automatic purge can make the measurement more accurate 8. The system can generate a quality statistical report for every pipe to meet the strict quality requirements of customers, and the report can be printed out as an effective quality evidence for every pipe.

III. Gravimetric blending system

In order to satisfy the blending requirements in the normal operating state and the offline state, our company developed batch type and continuous type metering blending devices to meet different customers' demands. It is suitable for blending particle, powder and liquid materials in the situation of the normal operating state, offline state and automatic mixing. (1) WBB series gravimetric batch blender This series device is suitable for accurate blending according to proportion in the plastics industry.


1. High efficient design can accurately weigh 8 components with the output of 1680Kg/Hr. Thus realize various materials blending and reduce the personal error and labor consumption. 2. This kind of gravimetric batch blender can be directly installed on thefeeding inlet of extruder. The materials can directly go into the extruder so as to overcome the stratification of mixed materials in the process of secondary conveying. 3. It can still be used in places of strong electrostatic adhesion of material. (2) WCB series gravimetric continuous blender The WPB high precision powder feeding machine is a kind of dynamic material dosing system that based on the weightlessness principle. The powder dosing machine can automatically control and adjust the feeding quantity and keep it constant. In the case of multi-component feeding, the machine could automatically adjust the feeding quantity of each component according to the actual extruder output. It is suitable for feeding the materials of powdery, pellet, liquid, etc. in the production process of multicomponent mixture.


1. The unique design is not only suitable for mixing the solid materials, but also suitable for mixing the powdery materials. 2. The touch screen operation interface and dynamic flow ratio model diagram makes the operation more intuitive and convenient. 3. The powder feeding machine with multi-components can choose weight per length to keep constant products.

4.weight loss feeder/ Masterbatch machine

Based on the principle of weight loss side, the feeding screw of weightlessness feeder makes high precision dynamic material addition according to the preset value. When making multi-component dosing, the masterbatch machine keeps up with the variation of main component dynamically and feeds materials according to the ratio. This device, with servo motor driving and closed-loop control, adopts the dynamic error correction algorithm to improve the feeding precision of various materials. Our weight loss side feeder can be easily installed on the standard adapter. It is suitable for adding high-precision proportioning auxiliary materials, such as masterbatch, powder, auxiliaries in the areas of plastic films, cables, pipes, raw material production, plastics modification, chemicals and other industries.


1. It adopts screw to feed materials. 2. It is suitable for different kinds of materials . 3. The weight loss side feeder with self-adapting proportion control can automatically correct the error of material addition. 4. The underlying hardware and software control of masterbatch machine makes the operation more reliable. Walthmac is now reaching a strategic alliance with middle and high-end enterprises in home, such asDekuma and Best Extrusion. Our company is expanding the domestic market, but also actively explore the international market. Now Walthmac have representatives in Eastern Europe, North America and other areas. We are providing services for transformation and upgrading plastics processing enterprises through ceaseless technological innovations.