• Powder Feeding Machine
  • Powder Feeding MachineThe WPB high precision powder feeding machine (powder dosing machine) is a dynamic system with the principle of ...
  • Loss-in-Weight Side Feeder
  • Loss-in-Weight Side FeederBased on weight-loss principle, the feeding screw pushes the raw material within high precision dynamically as set ...

Gravimetric Blending&Feeding System

As a professional manufacturer to develop and produce all kinds of gravimetric blending systems in plastic industry, we have a lot of experience in producing new generation of gravimetric control system, ultrasonic thickness measurement system, gravimetric batch blender, continuous gravimetric blender, weightlessness feeder and powder feeding machine.

Different gravimetric blending systems have different key points. According to the working principle we can divide the system into gravimetric blender and volumetric blender. Due to the material properties and the high accuracy requirement of material addition, gravimetric blenders are usually much more accurate than volumetric blenders, and in most of the time, the gravimetric blenders have replaced the volumetric blenders. Because the different processing technique and material properties, we should choose different gravimetric blending systems in the process of plastic processing.


This kind of gravimetric blending system is used for ensuring the extruder continuous, stable and accurate produces in plastic industry. We can provide standard gravimetric blending formula of powder, aggregates and liquid material to meet client’s need.


1. Gravimetric Batch Blender (WBB Series)
2. Continuous Gravimetric Blender (WCB Series)
3. Powder Feeding Machine/ Powder Dosing Machine (WPB Series)
4. Loss-in-Weight Side Feeder/ Masterbatch Machine

Purchase Advice

Customer can choose our gravimetric blending system according to the number of component, hourly output, material properties, etc.