Loss-in-Weight Side Feeder

Application Field

Plastic films/Cables/pipes/production of materials/plastics modification and other industrials such as Chemicals.

System Principle

Based on weight-loss principle, the feeding screw pushes the raw material within high precision dynamically as set value. Plastic accessories can be scaled-down or up to be coordinate with variation of main raw material, system is drived by servo motor and controlled by closed-loop. The algorithm of dynamically correcting error is adopted to improve the feeding precision for all kinds shape and performance material.

Scope of Application

For high precision scaled dosing of accessories(such as masterbatch、powder and auxilliaries)

Function Features

1. High precision weight-loss metering system
2. Fast response speed and closed-loop controlled servo system.
3. Screw feeding
4. For different kind of raw materials
5. Self-adapting proportioning control; self-correcting feeding error; with error less than ±0.5%
6. More reliable operation with underlying hardware and software control
7. Optional standard adapters

Optional Models &Parameters

On the premise of specific component quantity and measuring method of WalthMac, the actual output relate with raw material and component quantity.
Model Output*(dm3/h) Size(mm)