Gravimetric Extrusion Control System


The gravimetric extrusion control system utilizes the loss in weight principle to control and maintain a consistent weight or thickness of extruded product. It is used in the extrusion line to take a measurement and control the product weight and the hourly output of extruder. By accurately measuring material throughput, this technology can compensate for material and process variations and provide more consistent end product quality. Such as, it can avoid the thickness inconsistent of the tubular product. Now it is used for plastics pipe, plastics film etc. This kind of gravimetric extrusion control system is mainly composed of weight mechanical part (hopper & sensor), DSP modules and host system (interface & control).

Application Case


1. Cost-efficient (shorten the start time and save raw material)

The extruder with our equipment only needs a few times to function according to presetting "extrusion output" and "weight per meter". This makes the extruders don't rely on experienced worker to adjust anymore and don't need adjust the specifications for many times. Also it avoids the phenomenon of waste caused by raw material (different particle size, the difference temperature and humidity, add reclaimed materials, etc.). It can save 1%-5% raw materials with short period of cost recovery.

2. Double control function

Our gravimetric extrusion control system for plastic extrusion can control extruder and hauling machine at the same time and also it can control the extrusion output and weight per length at the same time. It is suitable for the extruder with unstable extrusion output caused by many reasons and even caused by voltage fluctuation.

3. Monitor the entire process with product deviation alarm function

The gravimetric extrusion control system monitor the weight per length of product in the whole production process, and collect the data of weight per length in real-time. If deviation was found, it will immediately adjust the extruder or the puller to reach the stable weight per length and make it running according to the preset value. The prompt reminder of alarm information will effectively prevent product quality defects.

4. Proprietary technology and appropriate structure

This gravimetric extrusion control system utilizes the patent technology of change valve and suspend hopper to ensure the material supply smoothly without the phenomenon of material blockage and stuck.

5. Simplified operation

Our company specially designed a kind of simple operation system, so that the works only need to set the preset value and press the button to let the device work efficiently and at the same time save the cost of material and labor.

6. Convenient production management

The statistics data of this gravimetric extrusion control system is cover the whole production process ,which can make the users easily know when the production line starting up, when stop and when appear the quality problems, etc. Also the derivable data or optional remote control software can make quality control staff to know the real and historical situation of production line in office without going to the factory...

7. Convenient service and low cost

Our company owns several skillful service engineers in this area to provide user efficient and rapid technical support. Thus reduce customer's material and time waste caused by shut down.

8. Lifelong free upgrade

For the system software, we provide customer lifelong free upgrade of better performance.