Advantages of Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement System


The ultrasonic thickness measurement system is used for the uninterrupted real-time measuring and monitoring of the change of the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe, medical catheter, etc. Therefore, the quality risks can be completely eliminated in production process. Different gravimetric blending systems have different key points. According to the working principle we can divide the system into gravimetric blender and volumetric blender. Due to the material properties and the high accuracy requirement of material addition, gravimetric blenders are usually much more accurate than volumetric blenders, and in most of the time, the gravimetric blenders have replaced the volumetric blenders. Because the different processing technique and material properties, we should choose different gravimetric blending systems in the process of plastic processing.

Application Cases

Main Functions

1.Real-time thickness and external diameter measurement for plastic pipe. 2.Automatic warning function for plastic pipe and auto-saving function for alarming information. 3. Plastic tube thickness measuring equipment is used for managing and analyzing the factory formula and order setting. 4. The plastic pipe thickness gauge system can adjust the quality problems (history curve)
5 Automatic generate the statistical quality report which can be printed out.


1. Traceability

The ultrasonic thickness measurement system is used for monitoring and recording the production of plastic pipe in the whole production process with the ability of marking the unqualified pipe automatically. So you can know the production and quality situation without browsing the production records. If there are some potential quality hazards of pipes, the workers only need to find out the pipe number in warehouse without going to the production line to handle the unqualified pipes. Even the pipes have been sent to construction site, you can also find out unqualified pipes according to numbers. With this traceability, our wall thickness measurement decreases the high requirement of responsibility. More over, this kind of ultrasonic thickness measurement system can trace back the production record to half a month or six month ago. (Customer needs to match necessary pipeline printer for our wall thickness measurement to identify unqualified pipes.)

2. Suitable for all kind of water quality

For many years effort, UltraMac ultrasonic thickness measurement system solved the problem of needing the purified water to measure. More over, the probe of our equipment with the structure of automatic purge can make the measurement more accurate.

3. Non-contact measurement

Non-contact measurement makes no wearing parts. It means that our thickness gauge doesn't need to move probe or tube reducing ring when measuring different pipe diameters. The only thing you need to do is to change the rubber sheet. Thus it avoids the probe to be damaged by human.

4. Imported parts

The high precision ultrasonic transducer, signal processor, cable and other core measurement parts for this ultrasonic thickness measurement system are all imported from America which ensure the measurement more stable and prolong the service life.

5. Imported ultra-thin industrial control tablet computer

In order to ensure comprehensive and real-time data, our pipe thickness gauge adopts independent industrial tablet and large capacity hard disk to do the high speed and large capacity data storage to prevent the data of unqualified pipe to be left out.

6. Convenient production management

The statistics data of this ultrasonic thickness measurement system is covered the whole production process ,which can make the users easily know when the production line starting up, when stop and when appear the quality problems, etc. Also the derivable data or optional remote control software can make quality control staff to know the real and historical situation of production line in office without going to the factory.

7. Convenient service and low cost

Our company owns several skillful service engineers in this area to provide user efficient and rapid technical support. Thus reduce customer's energy consumption caused by shut down.

8. Lifelong free upgrade

For the software, we provide customer lifelong free upgrade for better performance.