Gravimetric Blending System in Plastic Industry


WalthMac can provide a full range of gravimetric blending systems for plastic industry. We also can provide standard gravimetric blending formula of powder, graule and liquid material to meet client's need. Different gravimetric blending systems have different key points. According to the working principle we can divide the system into gravimetric blender and volumetric blender. Due to the material properties and the high accuracy requirement of material addition, gravimetric blenders are usually much more accurate than volumetric blenders, and in most of the time, the gravimetric blenders have replaced the volumetric blenders. Because the different processing technique and material properties, we should choose different gravimetric blending systems in the process of plastic processing.


This kind of gravimetric blending system is mainly used for ensuring the extruder continuous, stable and accurate produces in plastic industry.



1. Patented technology

The weighing technology is one of the core advantage technologies of our company. WalthMac developed specific MLS613A platform for weighing technology. Based on this platform, the resolution ratio of our gravimetric blending system is more than one in fourteenth million. The system with this technology is featured of strong anti-interference, fast control reaction, good stability, ease maintenance and low maintenance cost. We have a lot of kinds of products that are all based on this platform. In order to satisfy different applications, our company has applied for many patented blending products and the mixture accurate is up to 0.1%.

2. Simplified operation

How to simplify the operation is always the primary consideration. So our company designed simple operation system to reduce the high requirement for workers. The gravimetric blending system adopts TFT color touch screen, animation design and embedded software to ensure stable work. The function of order saving and formula management make the operation easier. The dynamic diversification chart of blending accuracy and working status are shown on the display screen, which makes the production process more direct-viewing and at the same time monitors the whole production process of machine.

3. Simple structure

All of the components of our gravimetric blending system use the quickly remove structure that makes replacement easier and no needs any tools. The remove of weighing bucket and mixing chamber can finish in a few seconds, which greatly reduce the cleaning time and difficulty of operation.

4. R&D advantages

Continuous improvement of the products is the requirement of WalthMac to improve the product quality. Our technology research and development team constantly find out the potential applications of gravimetric blending system to satisfy the higher requirements of client.