Plastic tube thickness measuring unit with automatic positioning system

This plastic tube thickness measuring unit for extrusion line is based on the principle of ultrasonic non-destructive measuring which adopts the automatical capture and setting technology of ultrasonic waves to do real time angle and orientation's adjustment algorithm, data communication, field data collection, multiple control algorithm, database access, etc. Thus provide perfect production testing method for users who want to save the consumption of raw material and labor. And efficiently reduce the accident of plastic pipe blow out caused by the quality problems of tubular product.

1. Our company develop automatic positioning system for this plastic tube thickness measuring unit that can find out the unqualified pipes after production and reduce the product quality risk. Besides the positioning function, our equipment add the function of data collection and database query. Thus the unqualified products can be found out after the production and the longest product search time can trace back to six months ago. More over, this technology makes our products have an advantage over foreigner competitor and at the same time improve the market share.

2. The sensitivity of ultrasonic wave processor combined with our technology can realize all-round coverage of pipes and a measurement of different speed tubes. The highest measurement of linear velocity can reach to 100m/min.

3. This plastic tube thickness measuring unit is suitable for measuring all kinds of material pipes (like PE, PVC, PERT, PP, etc) and also can be used in the areas of all pipes (like gas pipe, the heating pipe, drain-pipe, etc.).

This plastic tube thickness measuring unit is composed of scanning box, DSP signal processor, industrial personal computer and other hardware structures.

Probe: ULTRAMAC 1200-8T

Measurement range of external diameter: 800-1200mm