GMS-12 Meter Weight Controller For Plastic Extrusion

The gravimetric extrusion control system for plastic extrusion utilizes the loss in weight principle to control and maintain a consistent weight or thickness of extruded product. It is used in the extrusion line to make an online measurement, control the product weight and the hourly output of extruder. By accurately measuring material throughput, this technology can compensate for material and process variations and provide more consistent end product quality. Such as, it can avoid the thickness inconsistent of the tubular product. Now it is used for plastics pipe, plastics film etc. This kind of gravimetric extrusion control system for plastic extrusion is mainly composed of weight mechanical part (hopper & sensor), DSP modules and host system (interface & control).

The most common applications are blown film (PE, PP, and PVC), and pipe extrusion.

Picture1: The material starting-up status. This gravimetric extrusion control system for plastic extrusion is installed between the material storage hopper and the extruder throat. It monitors the loss in weight of the material in its weigh chamber and from this calculates the mass throughput rate of the extruder. In auto control mode our product can control the extruder or the production line speed to maintain a set output or a set product weight per unit length.

Picture 2: While the material reduces little by little, the system will do the real time measurement of per-meter weight and extrusion output continuously.

Picture 3: When the weight of material in the weigh chamber falls below a preset value, a slide valve will open and refills the chamber from the material storage hopper. Then a new measurement and control process begin

Application Pictures
Easy operational interface with rich functions can fully meets any production measurement requirements.
Display Control Unit (three configurations of I, II and OEM are available)


1. High technical
This kind of product is mainly used in plastic extrusion industry, and its market share is 30%. Our product has been investigated and surveyed for a long time in different industries for different extrusion equipments to satisfy client's requirements of vibration resistance, stability and high precision in measure and control process. Based on this, our gravimetric extrusion control system for plastic extrusion is a kind of innovative integrated equipment with high technology which is suitable for real time high precision weighing, rapid automatic calculation and online control the extrusion output and weight per length. Now it is suitable for all of the extrusion production lines and all control methods.

2. High cost effective
The parts of our gravimetric extrusion control system for plastic extrusion all utilize the high-end brand in the world to ensure the products running stable. Because the procurement and manufacturing cost are much higher than other manufacturers, so our product has the high cost effective.

3.Cost-efficient (shorten the start time and save raw material)
The extruder with our equipment only needs a few times to function according to the presetting values of "extrusion output" and "weight per length". This makes the extruders don't need to rely on experienced worker to function anymore and don't need adjust the specifications for many times. Also it avoids the phenomenon of waste caused by raw material (different particle size, the difference temperature and humidity, add reclaimed materials, etc.). It can save 1%-5% raw materials with short period of cost recovery.

4.Double function
Our gravimetric extrusion control system for plastic extrusion can control extruder and hauling machine at the same time and also it can control the extrusion output and weight per length at the same time. It is suitable for the extruder with unstable extrusion output caused by many reasons and even caused by voltage fluctuation.


Model Output Size
GMS-04 Up to 60 350×310×620
GMS-06 Up to 200 360×350×715
GMS-08 Up to 350 395×372×810
GMS-12 Up to 450 395×372×880
GMS-20 Up to 700 530×468×920
GMS-30 Up to 900 530×490×960
GMS-50 Up to 1200 530×551×1080
GMS-80 Up to 1600 530×582×1460