GMS-08 Online Measurement Control System of Meter Weight

The Walthmac Gravimetric series online measurement control system of weight per length is a quality control system that based on weight. The weight per length of products is usually uncertain in traditional extrusion production process, thus it needs to be adjusted for many times by experienced worker, which will waste a lot of material and time in this process. Our online measurement control system of weight per length is mainly suitable for controlling the production process of plastic tubular product, plastic film, etc.

The system is installed on an extruder to measure and calculate the weight per length and extrusion output, and also make automatic control, which realize the constant weight per length and(or) extrusion output and make it running at preset values.

Precision Error
The precision error is less than 0.3~0.5% (differs from the different raw materials and machines)

Online measurement control system of weight per length is mainly used for the quality control in the production process of plastic pipes, film, etc.

Application Pictures
Easy operational interface with rich functions can fully meets any production measurement requirements.
Display Control Unit (three configurations of I, II and OEM are available)

Working principle

Typical system principle


1. Data acquisition
The weight per length data can be obtained soon after startup: make the "unknown" empirical production become "known" precise production, so as to make valid and visible production adjustment.

2. Shorten startup time
The operator simply need to connect the product (like the pipe) and do the normal pulling, then the gravimetric extrusion control system could automatically adjust the weight per length of product to a qualified range, which will break away from the dependence on the experienced and skilled workers.

3. Monitor the entire process
The gravity measuring system monitor the weight per length of product in the whole production process, and collect the data of weight per length in real-time. If deviation was found, it will immediately adjust the extruder or the puller to reach the stable weight per length and make it running according to the preset value.

4. Product deviation alarm
The prompt reminder of alarm information for the product quality risk that appears will effectively prevent product quality defects.

5. Proprietary technology and rational construction
This gravimetric extrusion control system utilizes the patent technology of change valve and suspend hopper to ensure the material supply smoothly without the phenomenon of material blockage and stuck.

6. Simple operation
The gravity measuring system made in China simplified the operation habit for its special design of simple operation system. The worker only needs to set two numbers and press one button to start accurate and efficient production, which highly reduce the cost of raw material and labor.

7. Professional service
We have a number of technical service engineers in this field who can provide customer efficient and fast technology support. Thus reduce the downtime waste for customer.

8. Free update
As the gravimetric extrusion control system update constantly, we will provide lifetime free software upgrade services to the customers.


Model Output Size
GMS-04 Up to 60 350×310×620
GMS-06 Up to 200 360×350×715
GMS-08 Up to 350 395×372×810
GMS-12 Up to 450 395×372×880
GMS-20 Up to 700 530×468×920
GMS-30 Up to 900 530×490×960
GMS-50 Up to 1200 530×551×1080
GMS-80 Up to 1600 530×582×1460