GMS-20 control system for plastic extrusion

The quality control system for plastic extrusion is mainly used in the extrusion production line to control and maintain a consistent weight or thickness of extruded product.

This kind of gravimetric controller is suitable for controlling the production line of plastics pipe, plastic film, etc.


Easy operational interface with rich functions can fully meets any production measurement requirements. Displayer Control Unit (three configurations of I, II and OEM are available)

1.Now this equipment is suitable for all kinds of extrusion production lines and control methods in the world.

2.Because this quality control system for plastic extrusion takes dedicated arithmetic, so it has higher control accuracy and corresponding speed.

3.The control precision is 3‰, and it is far higher than competitor's 4‰.

4.Our gravimetric controller can simultaneous control the weight per length and extrusion output, which breaks the limit of this industry that only control weight per length or extrusion output and contribute to efficient control of production line. Our control system is particularly suitable for the extruder with unstable extrusion output that caused by a variety of factors. Even there are application cases to prove that our equipment can control the production line that is on the edge of scrapped and produce qualified tubular product. Thus bring big benefit for the customer.

5.Our quality control system for plastic extrusion can save 4-5 times material than competitor for it only needs a few minutes to start and function.

6.We provide one year warranty and life-long software free update services. Also we offer 24 hours service to ensure your normal production. With high quality and excellent after-sale service our product gets consistent high praise.

This gravimetric controller is installed on extruder's feeding inlet which instead of storage hopper and accurately control the required material per hour, and the required material per length to ensure user produce qualified products with short starting time and low labor cost.

Installation Description

The original extrusion production line

Remove the storage hopper

Make an adaptor and then install the gravimetric controller

Install stand and storage hopper on this equipment

Model Output Size
GMS-04 Up to 60 350×310×620
GMS-06 Up to 200 360×350×715
GMS-08 Up to 350 395×372×810
GMS-12 Up to 450 395×372×880
GMS-20 Up to 700 530×468×920
GMS-30 Up to 900 530×490×960
GMS-50 Up to 1200 530×551×1080
GMS-80 Up to 1600 530×582×1460