plastic pipe thickness gauge for gas pipe, water supply pipe

Our company is a professional plastic pipe thickness gauge supplier. This kind of pipe wall thickness measuring machine is used for the uninterrupted online real-time measuring and monitoring of the change of the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe, medical catheter, etc. Therefore, the quality risks can be completely eliminated in production process.


1. Traceability

The pipe wall thickness measuring machine is used for monitoring and recording the production of plastic pipe in the whole production process with the ability of marking the unqualified pipe automatically. So you can know the production and quality situation without browsing the production records. If there are some potential quality hazards of pipes, the workers only need to find out the pipe number in warehouse without going to the production line to handle the unqualified pipes. Even the pipes have been sent to construction site, you can also find out unqualified pipes according to numbers. With this traceability, our pipe wall thickness measuring machine decreases the high requirement of responsibility. More over, this kind of thickness gauge can trace back the production record to half a month or six month ago. (Customer needs to match necessary pipeline printer for our pipe wall thickness measuring machine to identify unqualified pipes.)

2. Non-contact measurement

Non-contact measurement makes no wearing parts. It means that our thickness gauge doesn't need to move probe or tube reducing ring when measuring different pipe diameters. The only thing you need to do is to change the rubber sheet. Thus it avoids the probe to be damaged by human

The pipe wall thickness measuring machine is composed of scanning box, DSP signal processor, industrial personal computer and other hardware.

Probe: ULTRAMAC 160-4T:4

Measurement range of external diameter: 32-160mm