online ultrasonic pipe thickness gauge for gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe

We are a professional online ultrasonic pipe thickness gauge manufacturer in China. This kind of equipment is used for the uninterrupted online real-time measuring and monitoring of the change of the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe, medical catheter, etc. Therefore, the quality risks can be completely eliminated in production process.

1. The real-time warning function of our online ultrasonic pipe thickness gauge can make worker adjust the production line quickly that avoid producing the unqualified pipes and improving the product quality.

2. The perfect recording and filing function of production data is convenient for workers to consult the production data at any time to manage the production line. Moreover, the statistical report of the product quality can be printed out as the quality certificate of this pipe.

3. The structure of water inlet and water outlet of the online ultrasonic pipe thickness gauge ensure that the circulating water in the scanning box can be utilized, and guarantee a clean inner space of scanning box. More over, this structure also ensures that the impurity can not be enclosed in the scanning box so as to prolong the probe service time.

4. Our company developed automatic positioning system that can find out the unqualified pipes after production and reduce the product quality risk. Besides the positioning function, our equipment add the function of data collection and database query. Thus the unqualified products can be found out after the production and the longest product search time can trace back to six months ago. More over, this technology makes our products have an advantage over foreigner competitor and at the same time improve the market share.

5. The transducer frequency of the online ultrasonic pipe thickness gauge is 0.5-20MHz that realized the measurement of different tubular products and satisfied the requirements of measuring accuracy and measuring speed.

The online ultrasonic pipe thickness gauge is mainly composed of scanning box, DSP signal processor, industrial personal computer and other hardware.

Application Cases

Probe: ULTRAMAC 450-4T

Measurement range of external diameter: 160-450mm