ultrasonic plastic tubes thickness gauge

Our company is a professional ultrasonic plastic tube thickness gauge manufacturer. It is based on the principle of ultrasonic non-destructive measuring which adopts the automatical capture and setting technology of ultrasonic waves to do real time angle and orientation's adjustment algorithm, data communication, field data collection, multiple control algorithm, database access, etc. Thus provide perfect online production testing method for users that can save the consumption of raw material and labor. And efficiently reduce the safety accident of plastic pipe blow out caused by the quality problems. This thickness measurement system is composed of scanning box, DSP signal processor, industrial personal computer and other hardware structures. Moreover, there is an ultrasonic probe in the scanning box which is used to send ultrasonic signal to the surface of tubular product.

The ultrasonic plastic tube thickness gauge is suitable for the production line of PE, PP, PVC and other plastic pipes. (Like gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit, medical catheter)

Application Cases

In the past, the market in this area was monopolized by foreign companies. Through many years targeted research and development and powerful marketing, we have occupied and cut down their market share gradually. By 2013, our market share in home has surpassed foreign companies. The mainly reason is that our products is superior to others.

1. Measurement accuracy and stability

Our ultrasonic plastic tube thickness gauge adopts precise and stable hardware to make the collection of production data more correct and stable. The measurement precision is 0.001mm, which is higher than competitor's (0.01mm).

2. Low power consumption

The signal processor of our product utilizes the dedicated chip for DSP processor of TI 6000 series. The processing speed and processing capacity is higher than competitor. The most important is that the power consumption is less than 30w that is much lower than competitor’s 70W.

3. Testing

Our product is featured of high speed testing. The scanning speed is more than 2000 times per second when measuring small tubes. Also our equipment has the measuring ability of high speed pipe.

4. Low price

The price positioning of our equipment is 55% lower than foreign companies.

5. Strong adaptability

Ultrasonic plastic tube thickness gauge shows a strong ability to adapt to market for its stable and high precision measurement that is popular with users.

6. High market share

Our product is sold to Russia and the Commonwealth of the Independent States. Also the CE certification of our equipment is under way.

Probe: ULTRAMAC 063-4T

Measurement range of external diameter: 3.75-63mm