GMS-30 plastics continuous gravimetric extrusion control system

We are the continuous gravimetric extrusion control system supplier. Our equipment is used in the extrusion line to make online measurement and control the product weight and the hourly output of extruder. By accurately measuring material throughput, this technology can compensate for material and process variations and provide more consistent end product quality. Such as, it can avoid the thickness inconsistent of the tubular product. Now it is used in the production process of plastics pipe, plastics film, etc.

Easy operational interface with rich functions can fully meets any production measurement requirements. Displayer Control Unit (three configurations of I, II and OEM are available)

Picture1: The material starting-up status. This continuous gravimetric extrusion control system is installed between the material storage hopper and the extruder throat. It monitors the loss in weight of the material in its weigh chamber and from this calculates the mass throughput rate of the extruder. In auto control mode our product can control the extruder or the production line speed to maintain a set output or a set product weight per unit length.

Picture 2: While the material reduces little by little, the system will do the real time measurement of per-meter weight and extrusion output continuously.

Picture 3: When the weight of material in the weigh chamber falls below a preset value, a slide valve will open and refill the chamber from the material storage hopper. Then a new measurement and control process begin

How It Works?


The Reason Why Install Gravimetric Extrusion Control System?

The Traditional Extrusion Production Line (Without weight per length device)
1.Usually, the weight per length of product during the starting process is uncertain, in order to meet the quality requirements, the workers have to adjust the production line for several times, which will cause lots of material waste and time waste (the large size pipe is particularly obvious).

2. The product thickness (like the pipe wall thickness) in the production process is affected by many uncertain factors, such as: unstable properties of material (like the add in of recycled material), melt index changes brought by material replacement, the stability of machine, immaturity of the workmanship, unsmooth discharging of material, even the grid voltage fluctuation etc, all may lead to change or fluctuate of weight per length, which will result in a potential risk of product quality.

3. Make qualified product with shortest time and least material consumption during the startup process mainly depend on the experienced, skilled worker and luck.

The New Extrusion Production Line (With weight per length device)

1. The weight per length data can be obtained soon after startup: make the "unknown" empirical production become "known" precise production, so as to make valid and visible production adjustment.

2. This kind of continuous gravimetric extrusion control system can shorten startup time: the operator simply need to connect the product (like the pipe) and do the normal pulling, then the system could automatically adjust the weight per length of product to a qualified range, which will break away from the dependence on the experienced and skilled workers.

3. Monitor the entire process: the system monitor the weight per length of product in the whole production process, and collect the data of weight per length in real-time. If deviation was found, it will immediately adjust the extruder or the puller to reach the stable weight per length and make it running according to the preset value.

4. Our continuous gravimetric extrusion control system with product deviation alarm: the prompt reminder of alarm information for the product quality risk will effectively prevent product quality defects.


Model Output Size
GMS-04 Up to 60 350×310×620
GMS-06 Up to200 360×350×715
GMS-08 Up to 350 395×372×810
GMS-12 Up to 450 395×372×880
GMS-20 Up to 700 530×468×920
GMS-30 Up to 900 530×490×960
GMS-50 Up to 1200 530×551×1080
GMS-80 Up to 1600 530×582×1460

We are the professional continuous gravimetric extrusion control system manufacturer in China who can provide qualified equipment for customer.