GMS-06 Plastic Extrusion Weighing System

Plastic extrusion weighing system by automatically controlling and measuring the extrusion production line to make product have constant weight pre length that we presetting before. It is suitable for measuring and controlling the production of plastics pipe, thin film and other plastic products (PE, PP, and PVC).

Plastic extrusion weighing system is suitable for measuring the material of granule, rubber), powdery, mixture and untreated raw material with the good performance of mobility.

Easy operational interface with rich functions can fully meets any production measurement requirements.

Display Control Unit of the Gravimetric System (three configurations of I, II and OEM are available)

How It Works?

Picture1: The material starting-up status.

Picture2: While the material reduces little by little, the plastic extrusion weighing system will do the real time measurement of per-meter weight and extrusion output continuously.

Picture 3: When the weight of material in the weigh chamber falls below a preset value. a slide valve opens and refills the chamber from the material storage hopper. Then a new measurement and control process begin

Advantages and Why Choose Us

1. Wide applications
Gravimetric system is suitable for all the extrusion production lines and all control modes in the world.

2. High standard
We produce the products according to the concept of "Products is also an artwork".

3. High accuracy and response speed
Our plastic extrusion weighing system adopts the dedicated algorithm to make it have higher precision and response speed.

4. High system stability
We are well aware that no need for service is the best service, and the stability of product has been put on the first place of our design and improvement.

5. Continuous upgrading
Innovative power and perfect pursuing for products help us to do the incessant upgrading for products. Based on the strong R & D capabilities of our two R & D centers, we promise to provide the users free lifetime upgrading service of product software.

6. Worry-free after-sales service
We are a professional gravimetric system supplier in China who have many offices and agents in domestic and overseas market, which will provide you quick and effective service.

7. Higher cost-effective and longer payback period of product investment
All parts of our plastic extrusion weighing system adopt best technology to ensure a longer life. And the rapid response speed will help customers save cost.

8. Extrusion system from several excellent extrusion equipment manufacturers integrated this system.

9. Gravimetric system is exported to many countries and regions.


Model Output Size
GMS-04 Up to 60 350×310×620
GMS-06 Up to200 360×350×715
GMS-08 Up to 350 395×372×810
GMS-12 Up to 450 395×372×880
GMS-20 Up to 700 530×468×920
GMS-30 Up to 900 530×490×960
GMS-50 Up to 1200 530×551×1080
GMS-80 Up to 1600 530×582×1460