ultrasonic pipeline thickness gauge covers the whole plastic pipe production process

We are a professional ultrasonic pipeline thickness gauge manufacturer in China. It is a kind of device used in the area of gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe and medical catheter. This kind of wall thickness measurement is used for the uninterrupted online real-time measuring and monitoring of the change of the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe, medical catheter, etc. Therefore, the quality risks can be completely eliminated in production process.

1. The measurement data of this kind of ultrasonic pipeline thickness gauge covers the whole production process that you can easily know the starting time and shutdown time of production line and the time of appearing quality problem.

2. Our system adopts the patent technology of automatic capture and America high-precision probe that make the measurement data more stable and accurate.

3. In 2003, the market share of our ultrasonic pipeline thickness gauge in home has surpassed the foreign companies. This is because that the signal processor of our product utilizes the dedicated chip for DSP processor of TI 6000 series. The processing speed and processing capacity is higher than competitor. The most important is that the power consumption is less than 30w that is much lower than competitor’s 70w.

Probe: ULTRAMAC 1000-8T

Measurement range of external diameter: 560-1000mm