plastic tube thickness gauge can measure the thickness of multi-layer pipe

The plastic tube thickness gauge is a kind of ultrasonic testing system in pipe extrusion that is mainly used to do uninterrupted online real-time measuring and monitoring of the change of the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of plastic pipes.


1. The measurement accuracy and stability

Our plastic tube thickness gauge adopts the patent technology of automatic capture and USA high-precision probe, which make the measurement data more stable and more accurate.

2. Automatic identification and marking of pipes

You can know everything about production in any time without reading production records written by workers in the production process, since our ultrasonic testing system in pipe extrusion can monitor and record the whole pipe production process. By the automatic identification and marking function, the user can easily know about the production and quality conditions. In case that the quality risks of pipes are found, you just need to go to the warehouse and find out the numbered pipes. Even if the problem pipes have been carried to the construction site, we can also find them out, because the recording and filing dates of our system can be traced back to half a month, even half a year ago.

3. Imported parts

The high precision ultrasonic transducer, signal processor, cable and other core measurement parts for this plastic tube thickness gauge are all imported from America which ensure the measurement more stable and prolong the service life.

4. Imported ultra-thin industrial control tablet computer

In order to ensure comprehensive and real-time data, our ultrasonic testing in pipe extrusion adopts independent industrial tablet and large capacity hard disk to do the high speed and large capacity data storage to prevent the data of unqualified pipe to be left out.

Working principle

The measurement principle of probe is as following:

The ultrasonic probe distribution structure is as following:

1. The built-in fixed ultrasonic transmitter can measure various range of pipe wall thickness.

2. The number of ultrasonic probe: 4, 8, 16

3. The protection grade of the ultrasonic probe is IP68, thus it can be directly fixed to the scanning box, and whole installed inside of the water tank (determined on specific model).

4. The probe of the plastic tube thickness gauge can measure the thickness of multi-layer pipe, and the thickness of each layer can be displayed separately (optional).

Probe: ULTRAMAC 160-8T

Measurement range of external diameter: 32-160mm

This kind of plastic tube thickness gauge is usually installed behind the first vacuum box.