Gravimetric Blending Control System

As a professional manufacturer to develop and produce all kinds of gravimetric blending systems in plastic industry, we have a lot of experience in producing new generation of gravimetric control system, ultrasonic thickness measurement system, gravimetric batch blender, continuous gravimetric blender, weightlessness feeder and powder feeding machine.

Different gravimetric blending systems have different key points. According to the working principle we can divide the system into gravimetric blender and volumetric blender. Due to the material properties and the high accuracy requirement of material addition, gravimetric blenders are usually much more accurate than volumetric blenders, and in most of the time, the gravimetric blenders have replaced the volumetric blenders. Because the different processing technique and material properties, we should choose different gravimetric blending systems in the process of plastic processing.

1.The data acquisition control unit of weight per length. 
2.Funnel weigher and senor unit. 
3.Acquisition unit of extruder rotating speed. 
4.Display control unit
5.Acquisition unit for linear speed.

The gravimetric control system is suitable for the materials of granulate, coccoid (rubber), powdery, fine powder, mixture and untreated raw material with the good performance of flowing properties. 

(The measurement and control parameters can be set in our GraviMac series.
1. The gravimetric control system can control the output of extruder. (Unit: kg/hr; control the output by controlling RPM of extruder)
2. Weight per length (Unit: kg/m; need input linear speed, by controlling the linear speed and extrusion speed to control it)
3. Statistical function (Count the consumption of raw material and the length of each order and class)
4. Out-of-tolerance alarm (our system has the automatic alarm function, thus it can find out problems and adjust production line quickly).
5. Control the status of input and output
6. This gravimetric control system is suitable for all the extrusion production line and all control modes in the world.

Buying Guide 
Users can choose the product model according to the hourly output of extruder.

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