Gravimetric Extrusion Control

The ultrasonic thickness measurement system that adopts the automatically capture and setting technology of ultrasonic wave to invert the signal of ultrasonic wave which penetrate the cross section of pipes into digital signal is based on the principle of ultrasonic non-destructive investigation, so as to know the data of thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of gas pipe. This kind of ultrasonic thickness gaging is suitable for measuring the thickness of plastic pipes (like PE, PP, PVC, etc.). The ultrasonic thickness measurement system is mainly composed of scanning box, DSP signal processor, industrial personal computer and other hardware parts. The scanning box has a probe inside that is used to send ultrasonic wave signal to the surface of tubular products.


The ultrasonic thickness gaging is used for the uninterrupted real-time measuring and monitoring of the change of the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness in the whole production process of gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit pipe, medical catheter, etc. Therefore, the quality risks can be completely eliminated in production process.

Application Cases


1. The measurement accuracy and stability

Our ultrasonic thickness measurement system adopts the patent technology of automatic capture and USA high-precision probe, which make the measurement data more stable and more accurate.

2. Automatic identification and marking of pipes

You can know everything about production in any time without reading production records written by workers in the production process, since our ultrasonic thickness gaging can monitor and record the whole pipe production process. By the automatic identification and marking function, the user can easily know about the production and quality conditions. In case that the quality risks of pipes are found, you just need to go to the warehouse and find out the numbered pipes. Even if the problem pipes have been carried to the construction site, we can also find them out, because the recording and filing dates of our system can be traced back to half a month, even half a year ago.

3. Convenient for production management

The measurement data of ultrasonic thickness measurement system covers the whole production process, and you can easily know about the shutdown time and starting time of production line, and quality problem occurring time, etc.

4. Quality statistics for every pipe

Our ultrasonic thickness gaging can generate a quality statistical report for every pipe to meet the strict quality requirements of customers, and the report can be printed out as an effective evidence for your pipe quality.

5. Remote control

Our remote monitoring software can let you easily know about the present production field and the historical production data (optional) in office room.

6. Patent technology

The patented handheld remote terminal technology helps workers to operate the machine remotely. (Optional)

7. The ultrasonic measurement system provided by us can measure multi-layer pipes.


You can select our ultrasonic thickness measurement system according to the external diameter of the pipes.


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