We are a professional thickness measurement supplier in China. Our thickness testing equipment for plastic pipe is mainly used for measuring the thickness, outer diameter, eccentricity and out-of-roundness of plastic pipes.

This thickness testing equipment for plastic pipe is applied in the production line of gas pipe, water supply pipe, conduit and medical catheter.

Our thickness measurement is suitable for the online measuring of PE, PP, PVC,pipes, etc.


1. Quality statistics of single pipe

The thickness testing equipment for plastic pipe can generate a quality statistical report for every pipe to meet the strict quality requirements of customers, and the report can be printed out as an effective quality evidence for every pipe.

2. Convenient production management

The statistics data of this thickness testing equipment for plastic pipe cover the whole production process ,which can make the users easily know when the production line starting up, when stop and when appear the quality problems, etc. Also the derivable data or optional remote control software can make quality control staff to know the real and historical situation of production line in office without going to the factory.

3. Convenient service and low cost

Our company owns several skillful service engineers in this area to provide user efficient and rapid technical support. Thus reduce customer's energy consumption caused by equipment stop.

Probe: ULTRAMAC 250-4T

Measurement range of external diameter: 90-250mm